Tip of the Month

Don’t just deliver fuel — leave something on the door to open the door for another sale!

Every time you deliver fuel to a customer’s home, you have an opportunity to make a sale with that customer.

How? By leaving a door hanger.

Your driver is already leaving some kind of delivery ticket… Why not leave a more colorful, inspiring marketing piece as well?

Door hangers are cost-effective because you don’t have to mail them. They are also especially economical when printed in bulk.

For example, rather than just developing one door hanger, have us create 4-6 different hangers that can be printed all at once. That cuts your printing costs dramatically, PLUS prepares you with a supply of them to use all year long.

Door hangers are a constant reminder of your presence, your services, and your concern about helping your customers in any way you can. Plus, since they are not “hidden” inside an envelope, their message is more likely to be seen.